The New ChiroExpress!

The Doc

ChiroExpress is a brand-new Chiropractic office in Donelson, Tn. Our mission is to make regular, routine Chiropractic care available to everyone. With affordable prices, no insurance accepted, no appointments needed, extended hours (including Saturday), convenient location, and excellent adjustments, ChiroExpress offers you a better way to get the treatment you need. All in a comfortable, "non-doctor office" setting.

Dr David Silvey is the owner and Doctor of ChiroExpress. He has over 20 years in practice and has seen thousands of patients with many types of painful conditions. Almost everyone deals with some type of back pain, neck pain, or headache, and some people have them daily. By using skilled and gentle adjustments on a regular basis, combined with stretches and other active care, many people find relief of their pain even if nothing has seemed to work in the past.

With his experience, Dr Silvey knows the best results for many spinal problems comes through doing the right treatments and doing them regularly. Just as with exercising, sports, weight-lifting, yoga, or any other physical activity or skill, repetition is the key. That helps you gain the best results, and then maintain them.


Your health benefits from routine Chiropractic care go well beyond pain relief. By improving / correcting the alignment and motion of each of your 24 spinal vertebrae, including the pelvis and sacrum, you have less chance of pain worsening or returning, arthritic changes, or re-injury of a previous injured area. Since all information flows from the brain down the spinal cord to all of the nerves throughout the body, removing any possible restrictions of the spinal nerves helps with tingling or numbness, as well as other positive effects that patients have reported over the years - improved energy and strength, better sleep, improved digestion, and less use of pain meds.

What to expect

Your first visit is only $29. This will give Dr Silvey a chance to consult with you about your problems and concerns, examine the areas of complaint, and look over any x-rays or MRI reports you may have. Dr Silvey will explain how Chiropractic care can help you, give his recommendations, and answer any of your questions. He will then give you an adjustment tailored to your needs, and other advice on home treatments and exercises. At that point, you decide which of our plans best fits your needs and budget. See our 'Prices' page for more details.

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